How's My Kitty?
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KATO & SASHA, Entry for November 27, 2007
Hi there!   I actually could not arrive before 5pm today and it was dark already so... I had to postpone finding the circuit breaker. But we were just fine in the light of the TV and the kitchen light:) Actually - it was almost better in terms of the laser light because you could see it soooo much better. So the kitties had fun:) They both decided to share the "creamier" type of Fancy Feast - but no doubt will finish off the chopped variety by tomorrow. Their barely touching the dry food in the kitchen and prefer the bowl in the livingroom.  All's well - no worries and will find that circuit breaker tomorrow! Cheers! PS. Thanks for the tip!!!:)))
2007-11-28 21:53:03 GMT