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BOO-BOO, Entry for November 26, 2007
Amazingly, on my very last day - I discovered that if I just put Boo's medicine in the tuna JUICE, he'll lap it right up in seconds flat ! I can't believe I've been waiting forever for him to eat his teaspoonfull of tuna meat when the juice would have done it in under a minute! lol. Ah well - now we know!!! He was also super sweet today and jumped up on the sink as if he wanted to drink some water but when I turned it on a little for him - he just walked away. Hmmm.. you'll have to let me know your technique with him because I've tried both very thin and medium streams, and this is the 3rd time he's shrugged and walked off :) Have a great flight back!
2007-11-27 16:50:06 GMT
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I discovered Boo Boo will take his medicine pretty well when he jumps up on the sink. I usually give him the meds and then turn the water on for him to wash it down. The tuna juice works good too as a second choice. Otherwise, he jumps on the sink while I get ready in the morning. So he does it for the water, and the attention I give him. :) Also, I did not see a Blog for Boo Boo on 11/25?
2007-11-27 17:32:14 GMT