How's My Kitty?
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KATO & SASHA, Entry for November 26, 2007
Hi there! Well it was a craaazy visit tonight. First of all - when I came in, only KATO was sitting peacefully in the rocking chair and Sasha was nowhere in sight - which was really odd, because she is ALways the door greeter. I gave Kato some pets right away and asked him where she was, but he was just no help at all:) I headed to the kitchen hoping that the food prep would coax her out - and I called and called "Dinner Time!!" But! nothing. So I went in search, room to room - turning on the lights as I went - looking in every corner, under the beds etc etc. - The last room to search was the office - but as I turned on that light it suddenly went out - so I couldn't search in there. I soon came to discover that ALL the lights on the west side of the house were out. DARN! TV was on and kitchen lights still on - so I headed back out there to tidy up a bit before I went searching for the circuit breaker... and LO AND BEHOLD here comes Sasha! SHEESH! I told her about all the trouble she caused - and she just rubbed up against my legs for her "reward". lol. Ah well... In the end, I decided to just come back during the daytime tomorrow and find the circuit breaker. You can also call and tell me where it is if you read this before you head out for the day:)) Cheers! LH
2007-11-27 16:46:08 GMT