How's My Kitty?
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BELLA & TIGGER, Entry for November 26, 2007
Tonight when I stopped by to see Bella and Tigger I had a pleasant surprise - Bella came out to the kitchen to greet me! I've gotten used to seeing Tigger right off the bat, but Bella has been a bit more on the shy side. Tonight she felt brave enough to say hello when I arrived - it was very nice.  I ventured into the bedroom and there I found Tigger, awaiting my arrival as well. He seemed comfortable on the bed, but when I went back into the kitchen to get their dinners, he followed me in for his meal.

I went ahead and fed both the kitties and made sure Tigger ate his portion with the Metamucil - he gobbled most of his food right up. Bella was more ladylike and ate a bit of hers but also saved some for later. While I was there I also checked to make sure everything looked fine in the litter box, and all seemed well. I went ahead and cleaned it out so the kitties have a fresh box. After dinner Bella and Tigger both had fun playing "chase the laser light". This seems to be Tigger's favorite game, and Bella loves to watch him. But she joined in as well, sliding all over the dining room floor trying to catch the light. I'm not sure who was having more fun - the kitties or me - it was nice to spend time with them. They looked sad to see me go but I promised I'd check in on them tomorrow!
2007-11-27 16:33:19 GMT