How's My Kitty?
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CHLOE & MIDNIGHT, Entry for November 25, 2007
Chloe was out and about today.  She was much braver and came down the hallway again to see what i was doing, then would tear back off to the bedroom.  She played with the cat dancer a bit.  Midnight just seemed really, really shy - didn't really want to come out.  No ill temper just very reticent.  They ate most of the previous days wet food and had made a nice dent in the dry food as well.  It seemed like Midnight wanted to come out but just was too shy to really do it. Chloe and I played with the cat dancer to do a bit of luring, but still wasn't very interested.  Poked head around corner into the hallway only briefly and then was gone back under the bed again.
2007-11-26 16:57:22 GMT