How's My Kitty?
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HAILEY & MATTY, Entry for November 25, 2007
One of them, I suspect Haley had knocked over the carpet they were scratching on.  I only suspect Haley since she was over there scratching the majority of the time. No damage done or anything, just picked it up and stuck it back where it was.  Both were very hyper and affectionate and Matty loved being picked up and cuddled. Once set back down Matty would run all over the place around the couch and chair, under the table and then swing back around to the big window.  Haley just wanted attention and then to stare at Matty running around.  Haley was very content with just getting pets, but not being picked up.  Both had eaten very well - seemed they ate more of their wet food than they had the previous days.  Moved the rope-mouse toy around a bit as well. All's well!!
2007-11-26 16:55:30 GMT