How's My Kitty?
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FELIX, Entry for November 24, 2007
Felix contines to do just fine but was very chatty today when I came in and rubbed all up against my legs happy to see me.  So I sat down with him right away and gave him a nice long brush which he really appreciated. Then we played a little bit and he batted around his lobster. After that it was litter cleaning time, and he complained the whole time I was gone:) So I hurried back and gave him his meal. He still had a bit left from my last visit, so he wasn't starving - he just didn't want me out of his sight. lol. Before I left, I put the TV in the bedroom on for him to he'd have a little sound and company. Thought it might do him good for a change. Cheers!
2007-11-25 16:58:31 GMT