How's My Kitty?
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BOO-BOO, Entry for November 24, 2007

Hi there! Well today Boo-boo came right up to greet me and I soon set down her plate of tuna and medicine.  She didn't eat it right away though - so I sat down and had my lunch on the couch to wait. She just decided at that point to join me, and sat on the chair watching my every move. So.... I thought perhaps today I would give her her medicine by mouth. WELL... Boo was NOT in the mood for that and had one big hissy fit when I tried. So that was the end of that. However! I did leave her plate out along with her other food, and I'm not worried that she'll eat it eventually. Yesterday's tuna and med. plate was licked clean.

2007-11-25 16:55:04 GMT