How's My Kitty?
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BELLA & TIGGER, Entry for November 24, 2007
Tigger and Bella were very quiet as I entered, not making a peep. Tigger was lounging on the bed and Bella was nowhere to be seen. I called out her name but to no avail. I thought that the sound of getting their wet food ready would bring her out of hiding, but no! I looked under the bed and I saw her beautiful green eyes peering back at me. But! She finally came out after Tigger & I started playing with the laser toy, which they both loved, batting at it and chasing it all over! I have been giving Tigger his Metamucil everyday and haven't noticed anything abnormal regarding the litter box or his behavior.  They're doing very well as far as I can see!
2007-11-25 15:43:50 GMT