How's My Kitty?
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SKITZ, Entry for November 23, 2007
Skitz is AWESOME!!!! He's soooo cute. Skitz (on both visits - yesterday and today ) greeted me at the door and immediately flopped on his side and rolled around (like a dog! haha) while I pet his belly. He's eating and drinking well - as confirmed by his "healthy" litter box:) Skitz loves

playing hide-and-seek. He sits in the bathtub behind the shower curtain and totally freaks out when I open it - then either he starts

chasing me or I start chasing him:) Needless to say shoelaces don't stand much of a chance with this guy:) Skitz is very, very playful

and sweet. He loves being held and getting lots of kisses on that grand nose of his:) I hate having to leave him!
2007-11-24 17:05:54 GMT