How's My Kitty?
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LOUIS, Entry for November 23, 2007
Mr. Louis met me at the door and received lots of ear and back scratching right away:) Next he sauntered over to his dry food to

show me how well he had eaten:) I replenished his food/water supplies, quickly took care of the litter and fell in step with Louis' house

tour:) Today we played with the scrunchy purple ball - he chased it all over the hallway, breaking only occasionally for more scratches

and pets or a bite of food:) After about 20 minutes (when the "breaks" for petting started lasting longer than the ball chasing) I scooped him

onto my lap and that's where he stayed for the rest of the visit - happily purring away:)  *No vomiting or hair-pulling out noticed, however,

Louis does have a bald patch under his chin. Wondering if this is the hair pulling you referenced in your note. The spot is not red or

irritated at all - and he hasn't bothered with it in front of me... Just wanted to let you know so you can have a peek at it when you get home.
2007-11-24 17:04:57 GMT