How's My Kitty?
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STELLA, AM & PM VISITS, Entry for November 23, 2007

AM - Our day started with some nose and ear scratching, followed by a few quick races up and down the hall, and then a single toss of the sparkly green ball signaled the end of rambunctious time:) After a light snack, we spent the rest of the day lazing about in a giant sunbeam in the front room - trading lots of brushing and pets for loud purrs and a few ZZzzzzzs.

PM - Stella: Wasn't at the door tonight to greet me - much to my surprise... so I set out to find her. I tried calling her name, scrunching up her

chipmunk toy, and was heading to the kitchen to grab her snack canister when I heard the faintest of meows. She may have been answering

me back at her usual meow volume - but being nestled in under a big cuddly comforter surely muffled the sound... She was as warm as a

little loaf of bread:) I couldn't believe she voluntarily left her cozy spot (what a hostess.) She headed into the kitchen for her supper after

which she immediately fell fast asleep on my lap! It was all I could do to not pass out myself:) When it was time to go she moped a little,  but I put her back under her comforter and after a few good scratches she was out again:)

2007-11-24 17:02:38 GMT