How's My Kitty?
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BOO-BOO, Entry for November 23, 2007

Boo-Boo came running to the door when I arrived which was so great - so I bent down to give him a few pets hello. I did however, get the feeling that he might have thought it was you - cause his eyes are probably not all that great. Ah well - he still stayed out and waited for his lunch - eating up his spoonfull of meds in the tuna first. Occassionally he'd disappear into the back room - but eventually would come out when his curiosity got the best of him. Unfortunately Grandma has a cold this week, so he's stuck with me. lol. After lunch we retired into the livingroom and he put up with a few more pets, then hopped up on his chair to keep and eye on me:)

2007-11-24 16:54:18 GMT