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CLEO, BEAR & SUNSET, Entry for November 23, 2007
Bear, Cleo and Sunset were doing fine today.  Bear and Sunset were at the door as usual and Cleo was complaining between the curtain and the door for me to hurry up and let her out.  I was very pleased today to find that Cleo had not peed next to the mat overnight. Yea!!  She did however leave her usual present in-between the boxes which are easy to take care of. Bear got his brushing followed by some greenies and Sunset got a brushing and some greenies as well.  I got some nice love bites and a nose washing as a reward.  Cleo really got into being brushed today too and chatted very loudly the whole time. She had a great laser pointer play session too.  Sunset didn't quite get into it as much.  Cleo was very demonstrative in her play session. When she is that way Sunset tends to just watch. Sunset got lots of hands on to compensate though.  It was a good day.
2007-11-24 16:04:46 GMT