How's My Kitty?
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MARTY & WALLY, Entry for November 23, 2007
Marty and Wally were still laying low again tonight, not sure if they wanted to trust me yet or not. But thanks to your notes, I know their hiding place and where to look for them. So even though your condo was  quiet when I arrived, I headed for the back bedroom and found them both hiding out near the bed. Marty is still hissing at me, but Wally's not so quick to judge me just yet. When I peek under the bed to spy on him, he just stares at me for now. But at least these two are having a good time during the day - their food bowls are empty and the litter box is being used. I went ahead and refilled all (and emptied the litter box), so they have everything they need until tomorrow. Maybe before you return I'll be able to win them both over, but for now I'm content to just see their twinkling eyes  and know they're alright in their favorite hiding spot.
2007-11-24 15:26:06 GMT