How's My Kitty?
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MASTER P. & TEDDY, Entry for November 22, 2007
Master P and Teddie. Master P was just pretending to be shy yesterday - today he was waiting in the hall when I arrived and flopped over as soon as I reached to pet him as if to say, "Hi, let's start with the tummy today." So we did. Followed by lots of ear scratching and general petting. Teddie was less than thrilled to see me, but I'd swear she hissed less at me today than yesterday...:) Pet Master P as often and  long as he liked and generally just hung out chatting with them. Master P loves  my scarf. He was rolling around and wrapping himself in it, and i must say he looks very regal in burgundy!
2007-11-23 14:20:48 GMT