How's My Kitty?
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STELLA, Entry for November 23, 2007
Stella was sitting on the hall carpet patiently waiting for me when I arrived today. She immediately flopped over and requested a tummy rub. Then trading purrs for enthusiastic meows she raced to the kitchen. I assumed she wanted to eat. Wrong! She was simply leading me to another carpet (in front of the fridge) for more tummy rubs:) Two rounds of petting down - she was now ready to eat:) While she snacked I took care of the rest of the kitty "chores." The rest of our time was spent  cuddling on the floor in the front room with Stella sleeping on my legs, waking up for some ear scratches and then moving to a new spot on my legs. Sleep five minutes, get ears scratched. Repeat. Good plan:)
2007-11-23 13:21:36 GMT