How's My Kitty?
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ONYX & GRACIE, Entry for November 22, 2007
Hi guys! Everything went smoothly today once I got inside which was no easy matter --- problem was that the child barrier you put up between the entry and the livingroom to keep the kitties out was blocking the door! Onyx was standing watching me through the glass door as I tried to inch it out of the way to the left, but then the darn thing fell over on him! Fortunately it's light weight and he quickly scrambled out from under it. At that point unfortunately the thing was completely wedged between the door and the wall making it now impossible to open. So I had to head to the backyard to find the hidden back door key, which Thank Goodness worked perfectly fine and I got in. Onyx greeted me right away, as if nothing had happened and was happy for lunch. I didn't let him outside because it was super cold and snowing. Gracie was hiding downstairs somewhere and never showed up for all the activities. But they appear to be doing just fine. Before leaving I stood the gate back up, but moved it away from the door so I could get in tomorrow:))
2007-11-23 12:39:36 GMT