How's My Kitty?
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DOUG & LILY, Entry for November 22, 2007

Lily was the only door greeter today which I thought was strange because both of them are usually right there when I come in. I picked Lily up and we called and called for Doug but no answer. So we went in search -and sure enough just as I looked into the bedroom there he was looking right up at me just as quiet as a mouse with the most mischeivous look on his face. Then his ears perked up and I could swear he seemed downright happy that he'd played a little trick on me. It was really funny! As soon as I said "There you are!" he came rushing out and rolled all around for tummy rubs as a reward for being so clever. After that we all headed to the kitchen for dinner and everybody had a little munch while I took care of the other chores. Found the broom by the way.. yea! After dinner the kitties both had a nice brush and chased their mice and balls from room to room. Great visit. Sweetest kitties!

2007-11-23 11:59:59 GMT