How's My Kitty?
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STELLA, PM VISIT, Entry for November 21, 2007
Oh Stella - ma jolie petite fille! She's so adorable:) Yes, I heard her tiny meows while I was coming up the stairs. She greeted me at the door (without any attempt to escape) and immediately led me to the carpet across the hallway where she stretched out for belly and ear scratches. We indulged in this for a good five minutes before heading into the kitchen. While I prepared her wet food, Stella sat perfectly erect on the very edge of the island countertop, closest to me - she looked so cute! After her dinner, we headed into the front room and played with her crinkly chipmunk toy - I think she did this mostly for my amusement, so I reciprocated by giving her a  nice long brushing, which led to more belly and ear scratching! Eventually she hopped up on the couch, meowed an invitation for me to join her and then promptly curled up against me and fell quickly to sleep. For such a little girl - she certainly has a might purr:)

And, many thanks for the human treats - as if spending time with Stella isn't sweet enough!
2007-11-22 05:47:05 GMT