How's My Kitty?
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Punk and Bandit Entry for November 21, 2007
Punk and Bandit were very quiet little kitties today. Everything went well with the alarm, and I went kitty searching right away. I peeked into the bedroom to find a little lump under the blanket, and touched it to find that it was a little kitty! I lifted up the blanket and little eyes stared back at me, but I decided that he would be better off left alone to nap under the blanket. Next, I went searching the kitchen, and also made sure to refill both the food and the water. As I was refilling the water, I peeked under the dining room table, and sure enough, there was a kitty hanging out on the chair. However, he must have been shy because he ran away before I could say hello. Both the kitties seem to be doing well, and I look forward to getting to hang out with them more.
2007-11-21 23:53:30 GMT