How's My Kitty?
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BELLA & JB, Entry for November 20, 2007
Both kitties met me at the door and this time instead of hopping back they meowed loudly, and ushered me directly to the food dishes! After a quick bite they were back to meowing and circling around me for attention, pets

and ear scratching. JB and I tossed his carrot around for awhile before Bella decided that she wanted in on the fun. Tonight we started with the bouncy balls and switched over to a different wand - the leopard tail/feather tip combo. If possible, Bella is even cuter chasing this wand then the other one. JB did an excellent job trying to catch the tail and

trap as much of it under his outstretched body as possible - creating some rather comical poses to say the least. Our time went fast and we ended it with kisses on the head for JB and a touch on the nose for little Bella.
2007-11-21 19:41:41 GMT