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CLEO, BEAR & SUNSET, Entry for November 19, 2007
Bear and Sunset were at the door as usual to greet me.  Sunset continues to try his best to get a tour of the hallway without success.  When I let Cleo out, Sunset made his usual trek to her food dish to check for crumbs.  Cleo has been making a bee line for the fountain with the rocks in the corner of the dining area.  She stands on the edge and wants to drink from it.  So, I have been quickly refreshing the water dish in the kitchen, picking Cleo up and placing her in front of that instead which she's fine with, and continues drinking there.  She always has water left in her bowl from overnight and I'm not sure why she heads for the fountain. Today all of the family submitted to a little brushing.  Cleo complained as usual but she stayed around.  Sunset enjoyed it and gave me some love bites and washed my nose as a reward.  I had been so proud of Cleo for restraining from urinating on the floor, however there were two dried areas near the gray mat and one area adjacent to the end opposite the box which wet the underside of the gray mat.  She also left her usual solid deposit in the back corner between the litter boxes. So we had a bit of clean up to do today. But,  we had another great laser play session and Bear got his tushy cleaned too:)).  Well that's about it!:)
2007-11-20 18:13:39 GMT