How's My Kitty?
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BELLA & JB, Entry for November 19, 2007
Bella and JB greeted me at the door and realizing it wasn't "Mom" they quickly took a hop backwards. In about a sixteenth of a second however, JB came right over and put his nose to my nose and started purring. Bella was a bit more coy:) I called Bella's name and she immediately looked at me and meowed - a very smart kitty! I took care of the kitty "chores" as JB and Bella followed my every move - then it was playtime:) The wand with the fluffy yellowish pompom on the end drew many a daring leap and dive from JB. Bella opted for a mix of pouncing and also hopping after it on on her hind legs - which was adorable. Bella has excellent paw-eye coordination and really had fun chasing and catching the spongy little balls around. JB's swats and dives didn't always make contact with the ball,

but he certainly gets points for creativity - as one move involved him leaping off the couch, over my head and into my lap - much to both mine and Bella's surprise:) Both gobbled up their treats and after a mini petting session it was time for me to go. They are a very sweet duo:)
2007-11-20 18:08:20 GMT