How's My Kitty?
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CLEO, BEAR & SUNSET, Entry for November 18, 2007
Your little family was doing well today.  Bear got a good brushing.  He had a lot of small matts on his rump around by his tail that I was able to work out. Even Cleo got a little brushing today too.  She complained all the while I was doing it, but she didn't move away fortunately.  Sunset and Cleo had another great time with the laser pointer.  Cleo left another deposit between the litter pans under the table, otherwise she was very good in the bedroom overnight with no accidents on the hardwood floor as before. I have taken to filling her food bowl just before I am ready to leave , otherwise Bear and Sunset will make trips into her space to grab a few snacks. I assume it's because her food tastes richer than the light variety that they have been eating. Can't blame them really:)
2007-11-19 05:32:42 GMT