How's My Kitty?
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CHAIRMAN MEOW & JACK, Entry for November 16-17, 2007
The Chairman and Jack are doing just great and are getting quite long visits with Gram, up to 3 hours! I tell her it's not necessary to stay that long, but she just loves them... Anyway - it seems there was a dispute between the kitties yesterday. Jack was stretched out on the couch next to her watching Animal Planet when Meow decided to join them. Well... Jack gave Meow a little Growl as if to say - She's all Mine! so Meow had to turn back and jump up on her other side:)) She got a kick out of that - It's nice to be wanted:) She also reports that they are both enjoying catching the small mice and fuzzy balls in their paws - but are not into doing too much running after the regular balls. The laser light's a big hit though - and they'll chase after that for awhile. Brushing and chin scratches always seem to be the number one activity in general. So we're going along fine here:)
2007-11-18 14:56:35 GMT