How's My Kitty?
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CLEO, BEAR & SUNSET, Entry for November 16-17, 2007

11/17 - (steve) Bear and Sunset met me at the door again and try as I might to block Sunset with my bag, he escaped into the hall and went a few steps and plopped down to get his reward of scratchies.  I carried the proud little kitty back to the apartment and gave him a few pats.  Cleo came out with her usual gusto.  And Bear was following me around waiting for me to settle on the sofa and grab the brush.  I turned on the TV and we all had a long play/brush session before I did my chores.  Bear and Sunset enjoyed some treats and Cleo and Bear did some Catnip.  Cleo had not peed any where in the bedroom, but left a solid deposit in-between the litter boxes under the table.  There were a couple instances of vomit in the diningroom.  Both easy to clean up. We played a little more at the end until Cleo retired to her bed.  I made a quick exit before Cleo changed her mind.

11/16 - ( steve ) It was so good to be back with your wonderful little family.  Bear and Sunset met me at the door and Cleo was whining between the curtains and the glass door.  I turned on a few lights and let Cleo out first thing and she complained and complained all the way out to the living room.  I knelt down and gave her some scratchies and she quieted down.  Bear of course was next up for some scratchies which besides food and brushing is what he lives for.  Ever sweet Sunset was not left out .  I went about my chores.  There was no pee on the floor or anywhere else in the bedroom fortunately.  Incidentally that mat gives you a good shock!  After scooping and filling bowls we had a good play session in the living room.  I brought a laser pointer and my cat dancer.  Cleo and Sunset loved the laser pointer. Cleo is astounding.  She will hit the wall on all fours and leap after that little red dot.  Sunset is very energetic but usually gives first dibs to Cleo although I make sure that he gets his time in. Bear of course is not a player and impatiently waits for his brushing and scratchies.  In trying to satisfy Bear I am working the laser pointer with one hand while brushing Bear with the other.  We all had a great time and I can't wait to come back tomorrow!

2007-11-18 14:04:04 GMT