How's My Kitty?
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SADIE & ZOE, Entry for November 15, 2007

We continue to muddle through without mom:) The little angels get more and more brave by the day. Haven't been able to get Sadie to sit up for her treats yet, but Zoe runs after them like it's her last meal on earth. They are finishing all their food between visits, even though I give them a little more than I should be :)... but I'm the nanny - I'm supposed to spoil them right? Zoe was extra specially sweet today and put up with lots and lots of pets.  She looks exactly like one of our other kitties named Lucy - only Zoe's a little thinner... you might be happy to hear.  They were also quite interested in all the tidyiing up and followed me around everywhere to keep an eye on the activities:)

2007-11-17 01:38:29 GMT