How's My Kitty?
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SADIE & ZOE, Entry for November 13-14, 2007
As usual the kitties met me at the door and were ready for lunch. Both are extremely social at first in anticipation of meal time. Zoe always leads the way to the lunch table:) After lunch I tried to give Sophie a brush out - but she made it clear it wasn't her favorite thing to do - at least not by me.  I got about 2 strokes in and then she started biting the brush:) Zoe will keep her distance until Treat-Chase time and then stays right near me - hoping I'll just continue until the bag is gone. Though neither will let me pet them for very long - I know they appreciate the company because when I sit down on the couch - they'll stay just a few feet away. They're so fluffy and cute - I'm just desperate for a snuggle!
2007-11-15 12:53:00 GMT