How's My Kitty?
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MR. MAX BROWN, Entry for November 13-14, 2007
Hi mom! Maxie is doing just great. Eating well, litter box is normal. VERY happy when I arrive and VERY chatty. He quiets down though when I pick him up and carry him around with me to survey the house. My daily dose of forehead kisses contines to cheer me up:) Haven't had time to sit and watch a movie with him this time unfortunately what with Thanksgiving approaching but! we're working the stress out with the laser light which continues to drive him insane:)) He's lost all interest in running after the hairbands which he used to love. It's the laser light or nothing now. He particularly likes it when the light tries to "get around" him. He feels he has the power to trap it in a corner. lol. He's been using his scratcher alot too and there were little pieces everywhere yesterday. So we're doing fine!
2007-11-15 12:41:20 GMT