How's My Kitty?
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SADIE & ZOE, Entry for November 12, 2007
What cuties these two are!! Both of them came right to the door when I arrived and put a smile on my face right away.  I sat down in the entry to see who would come over first and it was Sadie who took the first chance. Zoe kept her distance for the longest time until it was time to eat. Then both of them followed me into the bath and chowed right down. After that we headed out to the living room and I tried to enticed them with the brush but they were a bit too shy for that. But when I got out the treats, it was Zoe who was particularl happy about that and ran after each one I tossed:) It said in my notes that she wasn't particularly fond of treats, but today she certainly was! After that Zoe was my best pal and followed me everywhere and sat by me watching a little TV:) So all's just fine here!
2007-11-13 17:56:15 GMT