How's My Kitty?
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Tuxedo and Bandit Entry for November 12, 2007
I had a great visit with Tuxedo and Bandit today. They were lounging in the living room when I came in today, and Bandit ran right over to say hello. Tuxedo was laying right underneath the coffee table, and I made sure to sit right beside him and pet Tuxedo and Bandit at once. Afterwards, I made sure to refill their food and water while they patiently waited on the floor in the kitchen. I also cleaned up the litter while Tuxedo laid right beside me. I had such a great visit with them, and as I was locking up, Bandit stuck out a little paw as if to say goodbye. I have had a great time with these guys, and I hope you had a great trip!
2007-11-12 20:06:40 GMT