How's My Kitty?
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CHAIRMAN MEOW & JACK, Entry for November 11, 2007
Hi there! How's Russia??? The kitties were just fine today. I spent a little time getting things tidied up for them ie - the box in the livingroom was in a little disaray. They had scratched on the liner and it was now covering all the sand. It was fairly full too, so I just emptied the whole thing, took the liner out and refilled it. Glad we have lots of litter. Yea! I also brought my mom with me, aka Grandma, who'll be visiting and giving them extra attention all week. They took to her right away:) Oh yes - I noticed you had bought a case of wet food which wasn't in my notes, but I assumed you wanted to give it to them. So I split one can between them - along with refilling their dry food bowls. If you want me to give them more, just write or leave a comment here:) Cheers! LH
2007-11-12 14:14:29 GMT