How's My Kitty?
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TUXEDO & BANDIT Entry for November 11, 2007
Tuxedo and Bandit were wonderful company today. They were full of energy, and were excellent greeters. Bandit was the first to come say hello, but Tuxedo trailed in soon after. Tuxedo was so cute - as soon as I started to pet him he plopped down right by the wall and rolled over on his back to be scratched. Afterwards, they both followed me into the living room while I prepared their dinners. They took turns getting their drinks of water, although Bandit became a bit jealous if I tried to pay attention to them both at the same time, so I made sure to give each kitty special attention. I am having a great time with these two, I hope your trip is going well!
2007-11-12 02:18:32 GMT