How's My Kitty?
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CLEO, BEAR & SUNSET, Entry for November 10, 2007
The kids are doing great. Both Bear and Sunset met me at the door and I sat down and gave them pets right away. Cleo always pokes her head through the curtains and meows and meows until I come to visit her. So I headed into the bedroom as soon as the other two were satisfied. Gave Cleo lots of pets until she calmed down. I did find that she had peed on the floor next to the litter boxes, so clean that up.  I refilled all their food and water bowls and then settled down to have lunch and watch a movie with Sunset curled up on my lap and Bear "trying" to clean himself in the chair. Poor baby - he just can't get past that big old tummy:) I checked his rump today and it was still pretty clean, but tomorrow I'll probably help him wash again. I think every-other-day is probably ideal.  So overall, we were a picture of contentment today.. Oh yes, I tried to put Sunset in the bedroom to keep Cloe company, but it made her unhappy and she hid under the bed. So I nixed that idea and brought her back out with Bear.
2007-11-11 15:52:42 GMT