How's My Kitty?
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OAKLEY & ZIGGY, Entry for November 10, 2007

Both AM and PM, the house was quiet as usual today with no greeters in sight - so I headed upstairs to find the little angels who were ensconced under the bed. Ziggy was up in the box springs and Oakley sat watching me in the middle. I tried talking her into joining me for a little pet and playtime but she just looked at me like I was nuts:) In the morning, I left their food on the counter in the cute little kitty server and washed up the others to be ready for evening. I also left a few treats by the bowls for them. In the PM they hadn't really eaten that much and the treats were still there, so I decided to feed them dinner under the bed - one bowl on each side. So... we'll see if they like that better:) Wish there was more excitement to report but they are both just so shy... I know they are having a little fun when I'm not there, because the wands are generally in different places when I return. Cheers!

2007-11-11 15:45:57 GMT