How's My Kitty?
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NINJA KITTY & KRAVITZ, Entry for November 8, 2007

Well today when I came in Maggie, aka Ninja Kitty, was standing at the entrance of the bedroom in the dark peering out at me. So I stopped and we had a little chat ( gently but firm ) about how I was NOT in the mood for surprise attacks tonight. I decided to confront her straight on tonight, because the quiet, silent treatment definitely did not work. After that, little Ninja hopped up on the bed to think..... I then took that opportunity to close the door so I could have one nights peace, then went happily and calmly about my business of setting out their meals and tidying up. Fortunately little Ninja decided not to push open the door... which she could easily have done because it was not closed all the way. I figure she probably prefered the door shut and felt safer anyway. So when I left, the fountain was full, the dishes were washed, litter swept off the floor and all was well with the world - and of course, I opened the door back up:)) Cheers!

2007-11-09 13:26:50 GMT