How's My Kitty?
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OAKLEY & ZIGGY, Entry for November 8, 2007
Hi mom & dad! Well, no problem getting in this evening. The mail was sticking out of the box however so I pulled some of the magazines etc. out so it wouldn't look like you were away. I noticed 2 small keys on the entry table which might me mailbox keys? So perhaps tomorrow I'll try them out. Anyway, when I walked in, Oakley was sitting in the diningroom looking at me - and slowly crept toward the livingroom to get a better look and then stopped by the stairs as I was setting the mail down. I crouched down and put my hand out to greet her, but she didn't budge. I couldn't tell exactly what mood she was in, but she seemed somewhat uncomfortable - and her ears were down - but she wasn't hissy or growling. So..... I decided to give her a wide berth and walked far to the left as I passed and headed for the kitchen. This surprised her - as her little ears went back up:) It was kind of funny - and I could tell she felt less threatened. Nevertheless she only sat and looked at me preparing their food in the kitchen for a few minutes before heading up the stairs. I went about my business of pouring out the old food and putting the new in from the baggies, adding the dolop of wet I found in the fridge and refilling the water bowl. I left Oakley's meal on the cabinet with some of the new Animal Planet treats, and decided to take Ziggy's up to him - with some treats as well. When I went upstairs - Oakley was in the bedroom, but skidaddled under the bed when I came in. I put Ziggy's goodies under the bed and then went about refilling the cup and bowl in the bath. And of course took care of the litter boxes. After that, I tried to get somebody's attention by dangling the wands by the side of the bed - but I didn't have any takers:) Oh well... perhaps tomorrow! Meanwhile, the kids seem just fine - and had finished most of their food by the time I arrived, drank their water and litter boxes were normal. Cheers!
2007-11-09 13:06:59 GMT