How's My Kitty?
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Dewey and Jasmine Entry for November 7, 2007
Dewey and Jasmine were doing great today for my visit. They were both right by the door and did their cute little meows. I made sure to sit right beside them when I came in and they both said their hellos. I filled up the food and water bowl, and made sure to clean up all around the litter. Afterwards, we played with the wand for quite awhile. They seem to have endless energy pouncing after it! Dewey did the more adorable thing today while I was putting my coat on to leave. He sat down right beside me and watched, and then streched his little paws up onto my legs as if to encourage me to not leave! What a sweetheart! I hope you are having a great trip.
2007-11-08 02:26:41 GMT