How's My Kitty?
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BOO-BOO, Entry for November 6, 2007
Thanks for the comment. I know Boo is a boy and reminded Gram of that the other day so I have NO idea how he became HER yesterday! Probably shouldn't do blogs before my second cup of coffee:)) Whoops! Thanks for the reminder :) Anyway - Boo-Boo is doing just fine with Grandma and eating his teaspoon of tuna with his medication just fine everyday. After that, they snuggle on the couch and watch Animal Planet for the most part - just doing their age-appropiate activities:) He's finishing most of his wet food overnight and litter box is normal for him. FYI, it is starting to get pretty chilly around the lake and the wind is whipping around like mad. Seems like winter is upon us.  
2007-11-07 13:40:05 GMT