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MAGGIE & KRAVITZ, Entry for November 6, 2007
It was a quiet day in Maggieville today. She was actually under the table when I arrived and I decided to take another approach with her and not greet her with my usual happy voice and make her mad that I spotted her right away:) So I quietly walked by her and headed for the treats - saying "Hmm I wonder where Maggie is?"  I kept checking over my shoulder though just to make sure she was staying put and not planning a sneak attack. Well - after a few minutes of keeping an eye on me preparing their meals, ( and I on her ) - Maggie decided just to head into the bedroom - and that's where she decided to stay for the remainder of my visit. Kravitz was hanging out on top of the dresser and I SO wanted to walk in and give him a little attention - but I dared not enter Maggieland - and I think he was under orders to stay put... ANYway, the lack of excitement gave me an opportunity to clean up a bit. Someone had a couple hairballs/vomit on the diningroom floor and little crunchies and litter were everywhere. Filled up the candle too:) Tomorrow, if Maggie remains calm like this, I'll try and hang out a little longer, watch some TV or read through the Christmas catalogues and see what happens. Gulp:)
2007-11-07 13:31:15 GMT