How's My Kitty?
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BOO-BOO, Entry for November 5, 2007
Boo-Boo is being a little angel and taking her medicine in the tuna. I opted to try the tuna for the first couple of days so I wouldn't upset her right off the bat. She'll put up with me giving it to her by mouth, but she doesn't really like it that much - and will go and sulk in the bedroom for awhile afterward. So - what I'm doing is just putting down a tablespoonfull of tuna on a plate right when I come in - and before I give her anything else. It takes her a little while, but she eventually eats it all up - so I know she's getting all the meds. After that I'll refill her dry food and set down her can of wet food for being SO good. Then we sit on the couch and watch a little TV. I'm also going to have my mother sit with her a few days and give her a little extra attention which I think she could use. The two Grandma's should have a nice time relaxing and watching old movies together :)
2007-11-06 06:56:45 GMT