How's My Kitty?
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LOLA, Entry for November 5, 2007
It was so great to see little Lola again!! She was right at the door to great me and followed me down the hall as happy as can be. I sat down and gave her lots of pets and we played with your grey hair band quite a bit until it was time to do the chores. She helped refill her dry food and then hopped up on the sink to help fill her water bowl. She seemed really interested in the water, so I let a little stream run for her to see what she would do. Well! She couldn't get enough of it and batted and played for the longest time and got herself all wet. I didn't have the heart to stop her because she was having too much fun. But after awhile I got hold of her, dried her off and we retired to watch a little TV. So all's well here and no - she's definitely not shy anymore:)
2007-11-06 06:47:42 GMT