How's My Kitty?
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MAGGIE & KRAVITZ, Entry for November 3, 2007
Hi there!! Well you're aware of today's excitement but I suppose we could document our "progress" on the blog:)) As you know,  I walked in, stopped and said hello to Maggie from the diningroom in my most cheerful voice, and she just stared me down as usual un-moved by happy attitude - Undetered however, I then headed for the treats in the kitchen cupboard. But as I pulled the treats out and turned to head toward the bedroom - YIKES!! there was Maggie heading right toward me for an attack. I'm afraid this time she REALLY took me by suprise and I let out a huge "NOOOOO!!!!" and clapped by hands as usual but she just started growling at me and didn't back down - so I had to stamp my feet at her and say "No Maggie. Stop!" repeatedly. Unlike before - today she seemed hardly affected by anything I did or said and it took some stamping and clapping to get her to retreat. She was growling and hissing in the most determined manner I've seen yet. As mentioned - with my continued visits, Maggie is becoming less afraid of me and more bold in her sneak up attacks..... sigh. I do hope we can figure out something that will have a profound affect on her soon!!
2007-11-04 16:48:03 GMT