How's My Kitty?
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DOUG & LILY, Entry for November 2-3, 2007
Nov. 3 - Lilly and Doug were doing great today.  They both were peeking out of the bedroom to see who was coming in the door.  When Lilly saw that it was me she came to greet me.  We walked together to the bedroom to find Doug.  When he saw me at the door he rolled over in-between his two friends the skunk and the ape to give me his belly for a scratch.  After rolling around on the bedroom floor with Doug and his friends, I got up and did my chores.  Lilly came running when she heard the dry food and was first to the bowl.  I think that she and Doug like the change in dry food.  After the chores we retired to the living room for some play with the laser pointer and the cat dancer with lots of face rubbing and snuggling in-between.  Lilly and Doug jealously compete for my attention and when I give it to one or the other they can get a little upset with each other.  It is a constant struggle to keep their egos on an even keel.  They are such great little cats and I have such a good time with them.

Nov. 2 -Lilly and Doug met me in the hall when I arrived.  Lilly came up for some scratchise and they both escorted me to the kitchen for some food.  We had a good play session with the laser pointer and the cat dancer.  You might cut some narrow strips of those cat sheets and place some narrow pieces along the top of the sofa to discourage Lilly from scratching there.  The sofa is OK now but she occasionally sues her claws when she is happy when she is standing on the top edge of the sofa.  Someone is also still urinating out and down the front of the litter box.  You might get some Natures Miracle For Cats.  It is an enzyme mixture in a spray bottle especially designed to eliminate urine odors to use on the floor in front of the litter pan and any other areas that you need.  It is non toxic and works well.  It is a good thing.
2007-11-04 16:29:01 GMT