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OPAL & SAPPHIRE: UPDATES: Entry for Oct. 31- November 1, 2007
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Steve's reports:

Nov. 1 - I received my usual greetings from Opal upon arrival.  And promptly went about my chores under their watchful eyes.  They both had eaten well during the day, but were ready to see what I would offer.  Sapphire did her usual taste test and Opal gave her wet food a few licks.  Earlier when I arrived sapphire had allowed we to give her a longer bit of scratchies while she was on her blanket on the sofa, which pleased me as well as her.  Opal was particularly playful in the bathroom off the entry tonight, dashing in and out for me to catch her and she tore around after the laser dot.  She had a nice tag of matted fur by her neck which I clipped.  She would have not stood the effort to comb it out and you don't notice any difference in her fur for it's removal.  She must have really been grooming about her neck earlier today.  They both continue to eat well and deposit the results in their various litter boxes.  Will try to give another sleigh ride to Opal tomorrow.

Oct. 31 - The girls are doing fine.  Their food bowls are down when I arrive in the PM, so apparently they are munching throughout the day.  Opal greeted me after I came in the door.  I sat on the sofa for a minute and she came up to me and laid down with her back legs stretched out in back of her to receive her initial scratchies.  I then went about my chores.  Sapphire watched me walk around picking up bowls and cleaning and refilling them, waiting in anticipation of her dish that is will be placed in front of her by her papers.  She always spends a little time sampling her offering.  Opal on the other hand either waits in the living room or runs int the bathroom for a little chase and some play in-between.  When I finished her wet food, I put it under her nose for a little sniff and placed it in her eating area which she soon visited.  Opal had a good session with the laser pointer and a little brushing and Sapphire got her usual brushing by her papers in the living room.  When I left they were ready to settle down for a little nap.
2007-11-02 19:00:16 GMT