How's My Kitty?
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DOUG & LILY, Entry for November 1, 2007
Hi there! Good talking to you. As discussed the kitties are doing fine and we'll upload the report as soon as it arrives:)

UPDATE: REPORT JUST IN!  ( I think I got Lily mixed up with Steve's phone report on Snicket yesterday as things seem great with both of them. Whoops:))!

"It was so good to see Lilly again, and of course Doug, who is a little lover. Lilly took my visit in stride.  It was like I had always been coming to visit her.  She in fact tried to hog my presence and she was jealous of the attention that I would give to Doug.  Doug was up above the sink watching me do my chores every once in a while I would lean over and we would rub faces.  When I put his food down he was right at the dish as was Lilly at her wet food.  Lilly and I snuggled a bit at the table.  They both competed for the red laser dot in the living room and had lots of fun with the cat dancer.  We watched some TV together and they both got lots of scratchies. They both are such sweet little cats.  We had a great visit together and I can't wait to see them again today"
2007-11-02 17:15:28 GMT