How's My Kitty?
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OPAL & SAPPHIRE, Entry for November 1, 2007

Well let's see.. where did we leave off? First of all, the kitties are doing great. Sapphire is eating just fine and will munch on her food when both I and Steve arrive am/pm respectively. We've decided she's a "social" eater. She's loving her new "treats" too and gobbles them right up. I'm awaiting Steve's blog from the evening - but here's the scoop on the fish. FORtunately - the lion fish got hungry enough to turn up and eat not one but TWO shrimp today !! Yea!!- I was SO relieved, I can't tell you ... But, I nearly did have heart failure when I first walked in to turn the lights on because he was just floating on the coral tree and not swimming back and forth like he usually does... I thought - Oh geeze he's starving to death!!! Anyway - I guess he was just sleeping... hopefully. I encouraged him to swim by feeding the other fish with the tongs close to him - The wierd thing is though... I actually managed to get a nice big piece of the "green" fish directly in front of him and he took one look - and didn't bother with it !! I was so discouraged... but! at least he decided on the shrimp. I'd put a big handful of them right over his head, which finally got his attention. Well - I'll have more news as soon as I receive Steve's report. Cheers!

2007-11-02 17:07:48 GMT