How's My Kitty?
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MAGGIE & KRAVITZ, Entry for October 30, 2007
Well it was an interesting day today:) When I came in Kravitz was nowhere in sight and Maggie was sitting on the bed looking up at me. I wanted to walk in and pick your glasses up off the floor but I knew that would only piss her off, so decided against it. Last week I walked in to shut the windows and I was able to shut one - but she was making such a fuss I dared not try and shut the other! Anyway - Maggie did not hiss at me when I said hello in the bedroom entry and then went about the business of preparing their food etc. But next thing I knew - I turn around and Maggie had been slowly creeping up behind me for an attack! But I caught her in the nick of time and clapped my hands. Fortunately I take a look over my shoulder occassionally - can't be too carefull with little M... So then, I offered her a plate of food. She looked at the dish and then thought she'd just run around it toward me - but another clap of the hands stopped that. Eventually, she gave me a hiss of disgust and headed back into the bedroom. Whew! What a death defying morning with Miss Maggie!:) She was really ready to rumble today:)
2007-10-31 17:55:06 GMT