How's My Kitty?
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OPAL & SAPPHIRE, Entry for October 30-31, 2007
Oct. 30 pm - Sapphire and Opal are doing well.  Sapphire continues to eat her food-mix.  Her bowl was almost empty, so she's been nibbling!   Opal was glad to see me and came over for some brief scratchies before I started my chores.  She also enjoyed chasing after the laser dot from one end of the living room to the other and she played with her red feather wand.  Sapphire moved about the living room more than she usually does.  Usually she holds court on her papers in the living room expecting everything to come to her.  This evening she went to the kitchen and drank water and posed in a number of locations in the living room and enjoyed a brushing before I left.

Oct. 31 am - Well as mentioned on the phone the Lion Fish is frustratingly polite and the other more tenatious Angel Fish and pals are gulping down the "Lion's share" - no pun intended:) Will try out the method you mentioned on the phone and hopefully those guys will simmer down. The eel was having fun on his coral tree at first - but when I arrived with the shrimp he was gone!! These guys are enough to drive ya crazy! Well... I'm glad you're nice and calm about it:))
2007-10-31 17:40:42 GMT